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For anyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's, you probably recall the iconic Casio Databank watches - especially those with the calculator. I was an addict - I had endless versions of these watches. Almost a new one every 6 - 12 months as there was always a new version popping up, and they were about $40 - $50 a piece. I had various versions of the calculator, one that could dial a phone, one that could control a TV, one that could transfer data via IR with a computer, and the list went on.

Well, I was reminiscing about them - still have a few used ones SOMEWHERE in my house... if I dig out the right boxes. But, I wanted some "new" ones - nostalgia. Well, I bought a few "new old stock" and "as close to new as possible" examples recently. IF you can find examples in this condition, they run hundreds of dollars a piece. In some cases, cresting over $1,000... for watches that were mass produced and in seemingly endless supply back in their day. Arguably, they're nothing special when compared with a nice mechanical watch - Rolex, Omega, Tudor, etc. But they're special to so many people who had them and remember them fondly. Casio even launched a "vintage" version of the original calculator databank, but alas... not the same... for reasons I won't go into here.

BUT, the point of my story - original, unmolested stuff, whether a $50 watch or a six-figure supercar, will always be sought after. The longer time marches on, and the smaller the supply of such examples that exist, the higher the price goes. For someone who wants an all original, low mileage Gen-1 R8... well, this will be only one of the few options available. You can try to buy @Larry or @Dimitri 's cars... only others I know of with 1,xxx miles on them... but I don't think either of those guys will be selling anytime soon. :) On a related note, I had the pleasure of seeing Larry's 2015 gated V8 in person earlier this year... and it might as well have come off the showroom floor - it's flawless... not so much as a bug smudge or fingerprint on it... and, of course, all original.

A car like this isn't for everyone - it's not for the person who wants to go out and drive it 2k or 3k miles a year. But, for a collector, it represents a rare opportunity. Like my Casio Databank watches... these cars were generally used, not bought and put away. So, finding those rare "put away" examples... that's something special, even here in 2022... no less beyond.
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