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Wheel arch wash time

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Had a few hours on Father鈥檚 Day to give the old girl a little clean. Wheels off, washed and treated with poor boys wheel sealant , arched washed and coated with 303 protectant and treated the calipers to some new decals. Very pleased with the results 馃憤

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Very nice - do this yearly too. Everything looks good apart from your tyre choice 馃槈
lol 100% they were on when I bought it, only got 7mm to get though 馃檮
Well done! That looks really nice. BTW, where did you get the decals? I just took delivery of a 2014 V-10 Spyder with the ceramic brake option and the decals are getting a bit faded and I would like to replace them.
This place. I found I needed to cut the R and 8 to bring them a tad closer together to cover the oem ones spot on
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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