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Hello everyone !
My 2013fl R8 v10 on stock suspension (not magnetic ride) needs some new wheels for summer and I can't decide what setup should I use. So if anyone can help me or give advice I will be happy !

I want to go AVANT GARDE® - M520-R Dark Metallic Graphite ( AVANT GARDE® - M520-R Dark Metallic Graphite )
front: 20x9" (I would prefer 8,5" but they have no these)
rear: 20x10,5 or 20x11 (20x11" are not stock now)

but I don't know which offset should I go for the best outer look without spacers and scraping... And when I put it on CarId website the rims to cart there is no way hot to change or specify wanted offset...?

What tires would you run on? I would prefer Micheline Pilot supersport in dimensions:
fron: 245/30
rear: 295/35

is this setup OK or I should make some changes? Thank you for every note !


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20"x 9" +40 Offset 20" x 11" 35 offset is perfect. Flush with fenders and clears brakes. On 8,5" I would go 34 offset fr and 10,5" 30 offset rear Please post pics. Great looking wheels,.
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