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I am currently holding a Christmas Winter Protection Detail Offer that will be available from now till the end of January the offer is as follows:

The car will be completely washed including shuts, filler cap and under arches.
The car will be be fully clay bared to remove any bonded contaminents i.e. tar, treesap and so on.
The car will then be fully washed again and dried using a drying towel.
With the car washed and clayed the car will then receive 2 coats of a long life Zaino Polish.
Once the polish has cured and been removed the car will then be sealed using a Zaino sealant.
With the car looking awesome the wheels will then be sealed using the same Zaino sealant that was used on the body.
The glass will be cleaned inside and out along with the arches and tyres being dressed.

The price for this offer is £150.00 (£50.00 saving)and the car will have to be bought to my Slough Trad.Est. unit. Or i can supply a mobile service but this will hold an additional fee.
(PM for address)

This is an ideal detail to get your car through the salty winter months and with a good wash technique by your self will have the durability topping over 6 months.

I am 1 of only 3 approved Zaino detailers in the country and take my work very seriously so be rest assured you will be more than happy with the service you receive.

As Paul said you can view my portfolio via my website

And Zaino can be purchased from if you would like to try there products for yourself.

Please also feel free to contact me for any additional services you may require or just a chat.

Kind Regards

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